About us … In mid-1983 the concept of a mixed pennant was floated to a few clubs namely Asquith, Cabramatta, Muirfield, Rugby League and Ryde-Parramatta. The concept was for those Sunday players who normally played in their home 4BBB competition and who would be interested in playing a Mixed 4BBB Handicap Match Play event. An initial meeting was held at Muirfield Golf Club where the Rules & Conditions were finalised and a Committee elected to run the competition. The Committee was: Chairman: Dennis Roy Secretary: Elaine Roy Treasurer: Juergen Frank The basic rules involved a minimum age of 21 and maximum handicaps of 26 (men) and 35 (ladies) with the lowest marker playing off scratch and the remaining players playing off ¾ of the difference and the balanced match play index would be used. The first Pennant was played in 1984 and was won by Cabramatta who played Asquith at Muirfield. The number of clubs involved started to grow rising to 42 and stabilising around 40. A silver salver, the Metropolitan Mixed Pennant, recorded the winning clubs as a record of the years gone by. After Elaine passed away in 1989 the salver was renamed “The Elaine Roy Memorial Trophy” with the additional words: “Commemorating LANE’S enthusiasm and contribution as inaugural Secretary, to the evolution of the Metropolitan Mixed Pennant ELAINE ROY 1936 – 1989” Kim Frank took over the secretarial work in 1989 and continued to be a major part in the running of the pennant. In 2004 Kim passed away and a new salver was renamed: The Elaine Roy / Kim Frank Memorial Trophy This salver commemorates the great efforts and enthusiasm shown by Elaine and Kim for their tireless contributions and major involvement in the inception and development of the Metropolitan Mixed Pennant. As Secretaries until their sad passing they were responsible for much of the success of this competition by shaping and guiding its evolution. Elaine Roy, Secretary 1984 – 1989 (1936 – 1989) Kim Frank, Secretary 1989 – 2004 (1943 – 2004).